Editorly jobs

At Editorly, we deliver a high-quality service to each of the clients we work with. This means we deliver contextually accurate proofreading and consistent editing, to agreed deadlines. We rely on the people who work for us, so we are always interested in hearing from editors and proofreaders who can work to a high standard and deliver to our commitments.

Job opportunities at Editorly

If you’re interested in working with world-class research experts, then we want to hear from you. Working with us will allow you to contribute to the growth of an international publication industry as it grows. Join the Editorly team and you can make your mark today.
We have opportunities for:

  • Editors
  • Proofreaders

Why work for Editorly?

Our success is closely linked to our clients’ success, and that means we need to provide first-class work all the way from the drafting to the publication stage. We want to give researchers, students, scholars, and professionals the confidence that their documents are perfect once they’ve reached the final stage. The result will be clear information and compelling stories, all backed up by good writing.

What are the benefits of working at Editorly?

  1. Learn great editing techniques through working with a friendly, dedicated team
  2. Contribute to the academic and professional success of our clients
  3. Work flexibly from home thanks to our order-processing system
  4. Develop skills through a combination of feedback, experience, and the use of our tools
  5. Keep your own schedule. Our flexible approach means you can work when you want to
  6. Edit subjects according to your expertise and interests
  7. Work at home


Right now at Editorly, we’re looking for people who meet these criteria:

Basic qualifications

  1. Native-level fluency in English
  2. Either a graduate or enrolled a degree program
  3. At least two years’ editing experience
  4. Able to mark in the following formatting styles: APA, AMA, MLA, and Chicago
  5. Advanced MS Word user and comfortable with its track changes feature
  6. Strong technical writing skills
  7. Strong copy proofing skills
  8. A good internet connection to work online

Preferred qualifications

  1. Independent, self-motivated, and organized
  2. Proven experience as a professional editor
  3. A background in medicine, in biomedical or natural science or in engineering
  4. Capable and confident meeting frequent deadlines
  5. Passion for writing and editing

Other preferred qualifications

  1. Independent worker
  2. Meets deadlines
  3. Time management expert
  4. Google search power user
  5. Proven experience as a proofreader or editor working with academic papers
  6. Knowledge of recognized styles including APA, MLA, CMS, AP, and CSE

Required software:

  1. Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher)
  2. Adobe Standard or Foxit Standard (or higher)
  3. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (or higher)


  1. Edit and proofread documents for correct grammar and context
  2. Retain original meaning and context throughout revisions
  3. Add comments when appropriate, explaining revisions to the author
  4. Communicate promptly and meet deadlines; any difficulty with deadlines should be notified to a Project Manager straight away
  5. Effective communicator with clients


  1. Freelance, part-time
  2. Please include salary expectations upon application

Hiring procedure

  1. Send us an application, complete with resume
  2. We review your application
  3. You complete an editing sample as a test
  4. We evaluate your sample
  5. We email to notify you of the results

Interested in joining the Editorly team?
Please send a cover letter and resume to