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Research Paper Editing Service

Our team of academic experts edits research papers for both students and professionals using the highest standards. With affordable rates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Editorly offers you one of the market's best values.




research paper editing service

What does Our Service Include?

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High-quality research is precise, thorough, and comprehensive. But unless your writing has these characteristics, it may be challenging to communicate your ideas. We ensure your research paper is error-free and professional so you can present your work with confidence.

When a document is submitted, the editor will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  • Check sentence structure for clarity and cohesion.
  • Ensure academic tone and vocabulary are suitable.
  • Highlight areas that may require clarification.
  • Provide helpful feedback on writing style.

We are specialists in formatting research papers according to journal and university standards. To have your paper formatted, select the appropriate service at checkout and let us know your requirements. It’s that simple!

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Your document is matched with a native English-speaking editor with experience in your field.

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We provide a 100% delivery guarantee — all work is completed and delivered on or before the deadline.

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Customer service team replies to every inquiry within the hour. We’re available 24×7.

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Select how quickly you want your document checked. The longer the deadline, the lower the cost will be. We have an editorial team who are available for proofing your documents year-round, including holidays and weekends.

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Client satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to keep you happy!



How does the Process Work?

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    Attach the document on the order page to receive the exact price for the project.

  2. Add preferences

    Select settings, deadline, subject, language, detailed task, and more.

  3. Complete order

    Confirm your payment method through Visa or MasterCard. The work on your project begins immediately upon confirmation.

  4. Receive your result

    The finished paper is delivered to your inbox. Your editor is available for questions and clarification as needed.

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Our Experts

Editorly selects the best professional editors for our team. Each is trained through our quality management department so you can have confidence that only the most experienced editors will work with your paper.


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Are your Editors Qualified?

All editors are native English speakers with PhD degrees and professional experience in editing. With their academic credentials, each editor offers informed insight into our clients research.


Do you match my Paper to an Editor who has expertise in my academic field?

We know how important it is that an editor understands what your paper is communicating. When you submit document on our platform, a project manager reviews the content and assigns the project to an editor with an advanced degree in the same academic field as your subject.

In rare cases, an expert in your academic field is unavailable; we utilize our extensive network of contract editors to find the perfect fit for your project. We take pride in our excellent customer satisfaction rate almost as much as our high level of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients.


How quickly can you Edit my Document?

We provide several tiers of service to meet your needs. Select a turnaround time anywhere from 9 hours up to 14 days (336 hours). After uploading a document, you will be asked to choose among several delivery options:

  • 24 hours
  • 72 hours
  • One week
  • Two weeks

Keep in mind, the faster the turnaround time, the higher the rate per word. For details, see our pricing page for terms.


Why choose Editorly?

We pride ourselves on our incredible team of academic paper editors. Each one is an English language native with extensive experience in research paper editing. Before joining our team, they undergo rigorous testing and training in the best literary and scientific paper editing techniques. This ensures each client is provided with the highest quality.

    • Our editors are accomplished in their advanced research and have earned master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide range of academic and scientific disciplines and fields. Some have also written and published their journal papers. Professional editors bring essential, in-depth knowledge to their research area of expertise and are well-versed in publication guidelines and requirements.
    • We deliver the edited document within the specified deadline, even when the turnaround time is short. We also understand the need for security and confidentiality. You reserve all rights.
    • We work to resolve any issues and immediately provide the expert editing that is required.
    • Prices are guaranteed and calculated upfront based on the document’s word count, making the cost of our services extremely affordable. The quoted price will not increase, even when extensive editing is required to resolve significant problems so that the paper is ready for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Which Formatting Styles do you use?

Correct formatting is essential for approval by the journal of your choice. Our system will ask you to select a specific style, format rules, or a standard format style (Harvard, Chicago, AMA, APA, MLA, etc.). Our editor will then apply the technique to the entire text, ensuring that references and other requirements are followed precisely. You can also choose not to use a specific style or format for your document.


What do I Receive?

Quite simply, Editorly provides our clients with an exceptional service that ensures your academic research paper meets the highest standards for publication. Our expert editors’ improvements are unparalleled and will be applied directly to the electronic file, often a Microsoft Word document. Typing, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors are corrected, while precision and consistency in structural elements are established.


What is the cost of Editing my Research Paper?

Our services are based on word count, study field, deadline requirements, and other options. For an instant quote, enter your word count and preferences into a price calculator.


What Including to Proofreading & Editing

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  • Correct Grammar Check
  • Reliable Punctuation Check
  • Internal Consistency Check
  • Correct Spelling Check
  • Logical Structure Check
  • Suggest Alternative Words

Excellent Quality, Affordable, and Instant. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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