Quality Assurance Process

How do we Ensure Quality?

We pride ourselves on a consistent and accurate editing service and value the relationship with our clients to honor the trust you place in us. We love the reviews we receive, including critical feedback, and we aim to improve our service all-time.

What is the Quality Control Process?

We rely on the following quality control process and want the projects you receive from us to have a great outcome every time.

1. All our editors are professionals and subject-matter experts.

We only hire editors who meet specific academic, work experience, and skill requirements. You can have confidence that a professional editor with considerable industry experience will work on your document.

2. We allocate the best available editor or proofreader carefully.

We decide who will work on your project by who has the best mixture of skills and experience in the subject. To do this, we take the time to understand the best way to proof document by understanding the context of your work. All our decisions are made by people, not machines, which means that your work will have the human touch throughout. We make sure we discuss projects with our clients before accepting work.

3. Transparent editing guidelines

At Editorly, we put a team together to decide the best way to consistently proof our clients’ documents. There are guidelines, which take each different category of editing into account. These can be found on the service pages of our website so that all clients have a clear idea of what to expect from our work. This helps us provide a high-quality, transparent, and reliable service.

4. Regular client feedback

We believe that our clients are as important as the documents they give us, so we make sure to stay in touch. We listen carefully to feedback to understand what you’re most satisfied with and ensure that each individual editor is doing a good job.

A system is only as good as the people who carry it out so the most important part of our system is communication. If you have something positive to say, we’d love to hear it… and if you think there’s something we could improve, we’d like to hear that too. Critical feedback is really important to help us understand how to do better.

Editorly’s Principles of Guarantee

1. Personal contact

We make sure to follow up all the contact we receive and if you’re not satisfied or feel that we could have done better, we’ll get in touch with you straight away to find a solution.

2. Sincerity

We want everyone who uses our service to be satisfied so if you’re not happy, we’ll go to great lengths to change that.

3. Speed

We’ll personally get in touch with you as soon as you give us feedback. That way we can resolve issues as quickly as possible.

We aim for everyone to be happy with the service we provide so if you feel that we’ve fallen short of our high standards, we’ll happily review or re-edit the documents you’ve given us.