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Editorly follows academic plagiarism guidelines when proofing college and university essays. You can turn in your work with confidence when you use Editorly. As the best essay proofreading service around, this is the right choice if you want to ensure your paper is ready.

When you use Editorly’s online essay proofreader, you will receive:

  • A fully edited copy of the document with tracked revisions.
    Comments that contain feedback about improper phrases and other issues.
    Expert suggestions to help you improve the content of your essay.
    A summary that goes over the revisions and highlights concerns.
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Select how quickly you want your document checked. The longer the deadline, the lower the cost will be. We have an editorial team who are available for proofing your documents year-round, including holidays and weekends.

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    Receive finished essay. You can also stay in touch with us to get some clarifications and reports as needed. Enjoy :)

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What will your Proofreader do?

Our Proofreading service is perfect for students who need help with research papers or essays. A native proofreader will use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word to correct errors and provide feedback. Most importantly, the professional editor will offer advice to help you improve your academic writing skills. It will be easier to write future papers once you incorporate the advice and learn some new skills.


Who will be proofreading my Document?

We only employ native English speakers, and each of our editors has an advanced degree and years of editing experience. Our editors specialize in academic writing, applications, and admissions documents. Your file will be matched to an editor based on the topic and document type, ensuring that the best editor reviews your project. After the editor completes the project, your document will go to the Quality Assurance team. The QA team makes sure that the document was edited correctly before sending it to you for final approval.


How fast can Editorly proofread my document?

We have seven delivery options available. If you are working on a tight deadline, select Express Delivery to get your document back within 9 hours. If you do not need the project back immediately and want to save money, select up to 7 days. This is the most affordable option.


Can I choose between American, British, and Australian English language?

Our cheap essay proofreading service is available in American, British, and Australian English. You can choose the style you want when you upload the project on our website.


What proofreading from Editorly include?

Editors correct typos, punctuation errors, misspelled words, and common consistency issues.


Which Formatting Styles can you apply to my Document?

Correct formatting is a critical component of editing a manuscript. Editorly lets you choose the type of formatting you need for your finished manuscript. You can select standard formatting, such as MLA, AMA, Chicago, or Harvard, or choose specific formatting guidelines for your choice journal. The editor will ensure that all the formatting rules are followed throughout the document. If you do not wish to use standard or specialized formatting, you can forgo formatting altogether.


What are your Prices for Proofreading?

Our prices are based on the word count, turnaround time, service level, and other options you select when submitting your document. You can receive an instant quote by entering the number of words into the pricing calculator. After you submit your document and agree to the quoted price, an editor will begin checking for errors.


What Including to Proofreading & Editing

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  • Correct Grammar Check
  • Reliable Punctuation Check
  • Internal Consistency Check
  • Correct Spelling Check
  • Logical Structure Check
  • Suggest Alternative Words

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