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Email Proofreading Service

Are you having issues composing an email? Do you have clients or bosses who may be highly finicky? Well then, we have you covered! At Editorly, we provide a complete package to proofread your email. From revising a text for grammatical errors to checking if the right tone is being used, and the message is clear, we make sure to provide you with full-proof content.

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email proofreading service

What does Our Service Include?

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Focusing on grammar and sentence structure is not as essential in informal documentation in contrast to how important they are for when you’re writing to someone professionally. We’re well aware of how much the tone, pattern, and grammar of formal address matters under a professional setting and the causes of misunderstandings.

We’re here to make sure the emails you send out to your contacts are coherent and well-formulated. These technicalities are involved when you’re writing to:

  • to work colleagues or for job applications
  • to faculty or staff at your university or college
  • for business endeavors

After using our services, you will have a concise and grammatically perfect email ready to send without worrying about mistakes or miscommunication.

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Get in touch with a native English-speaking proofreader to have your emails checked.

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Provision of 100% error-free content that is delivered timely.

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The gain of confidence to communicate professionally appropriate content.

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Access to 100% confidential and safe exchange of information.

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Select how quickly you want your document checked. The longer the deadline, the lower the cost will be. We have an editorial team who are available for proofing your documents year-round, including holidays and weekends.

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How Does It Work?

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  4. Get the result

    Receive your finished email! Throughout the process, you will be able to stay in touch with your proofreader, ask questions, and check the document's progress as needed. Enjoy:)

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At Editorly, we have only the best professional proofreaders working on your emails, so we can provide a fantastic service.


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We are here to Answer your Questions


How will you fix the Email text I Provide to you?

We proofread everything that we deem appropriate to edit and revise in the email text provided to us by you. Some things that we look into are:

  • Improve the choice of words, fix grammatical errors, enhance punctuation, and fix the sentence structure.
  • Ensure all errors of consistency and clarity are removed. Fix issues of clarity or consistency.
  • Ensure the content is coherent.
  • Maintain cohesion between paragraphs.
  • Ensure the tone of the text is appropriate for professional addressing.
  • Ensure correct and proper images and hyperlinks have been attached.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for how the client can improve their writing style and enhance their vocabulary.

Moreover, we also make sure to share a copy of Microsoft Word Tracked Changes of the original document, so you’re aware of the changes and editing done on our proofreader’s end. This helps to ensure the client always has 100% control of the final email and has complete transparency on the work. You are our priority, and we take all possible measures to provide satisfactory services.


When is the earliest I can receive my Proofread, revised Email text?

Our priority is to provide the revised version of your text as speedily as possible. However, we’re offering an array of revision timeline options, which you can choose from as per your need and urgency.

The delivery deadline options that we offer to our clients vary from as early as nine hours, to the latest delivery option being fourteen days. It is to be noted here that the sooner you need the revised document, the higher are the charges per word.

Once you upload the file on our system, you’ll be asked to choose from the following deadline options:

  • Twenty-four hours (1 Day).
  • Seventy-two hours (3 Days).
  • One week (7 Days).
  • Two weeks (14 Days).

What are your Prices?

Our services and their relevant pricing are based on the word count of the document, the turnaround time of the revised version required, and other such factors. To have an estimate of how much you may be charged for the text that you want to be revised by our proofreaders, enter the word count into the price calculator, and you’ll receive an automated quote along with the delivery time.

However, if you want the delivery deadline to be earlier than our system’s estimated time, you can also enter that. The charges will then vary in that case. Our price calculator, calculates the quote based on our per word rate.


Why should I choose your Service?

If you choose to work with us, we offer a range of guarantees:

  • We collaborate with the best experts who know how to improve your text without wasting time.
  • With us, asking for help is easy. It will take only a few minutes to process your order, after which you can ask us any questions about the order.
  • You have 100 percent anonymity. We keep all your private data classified and never report any information about clients to third parties.

What Including to Proofreading & Editing

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  • Correct Grammar Check
  • Reliable Punctuation Check
  • Internal Consistency Check
  • Correct Spelling Check
  • Logical Structure Check
  • Suggest Alternative Words

Excellent Quality, Affordable, and Instant. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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