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We have one of the best and most experienced editors on board with us on our panel. These editors have worked on several projects. Our aim is to improve your text so that it is correctly presented and by all requirements.

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What does our Service include?

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In most cases, a dissertation is one of the most important academic projects that requires a lot of time and effort. Producing the finished text can take many days because scientific work is subject to strict requirements in terms of uniqueness.

Completing the finished text includes eliminating stylistic and spelling errors, self-editing, verifying uniqueness, and complying with the standards of the higher attestation commission.

At Editorly we offer services for editing dissertations: checking the text for plagiarism and the presence of typos and grammatical errors, as well as high-quality rewriting that still preserves the author’s style and semantic content of the work. Editors with academic degrees and higher philological education will check the dissertation standards and proofread according to language rules.

Specialists can perform all types of services that allow you to improve scientific work for a master’s or doctoral degree.

We provide the following services:

  • The editor reviews the logic of the presentation and makes necessary edits if common terms are used incorrectly. High-quality work does not affect the content of the author’s text and preserves the unique style of writing, but eliminates stylistic errors.
  • Verification of the dissertation’s design includes the elimination of non-compliant elements. The finished document should have the correct structure, abbreviations, references, terms, and bibliographic descriptions.

Our editors use Microsoft Word to edit all the documents handed over to them. For the client’s convenience, editors use tracked changes to be aware of the document’s progress along the road, and there is complete transparency of work. The client who submitted the paper has access to view the proposed changes at all times. We can also edit PDF documents.

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Guaranteed security and confidentiality.

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We only work with professionals: our staff includes professors, candidates, and doctors of science.

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Fast response to all inquiries (within 60 minutes).

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How Does this Service Work?

  1. Upload your document

    Attach the necessary document on the order page and get the exact price list.

  2. Add additional information

    Make requirements clearly, specifying a deadline, research subject, language, detailed task, and select other options. Next, verify if all the necessary details have been stated.

  3. Checkout order

    Once done, you can now confirm the order through payment method through Visa or MasterCard. The workflow begins right after a successful payment. Our project manager will now assign your dissertation to a relevant editor.

  4. Get the result

    The editor will go through the submitted document and edit it thoroughly to ensure it is improved to the best extent. Lastly, a professional will provide feedback and report on changes. You can also stay in touch to get some clarifications and reports as needed. Enjoy :)

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Our services focus on providing clients with elite experience. We search for professionals and specialists who have an impressive amount of experience and expertise in editing dissertations and other high-level academic documents.


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Why hire a Professional Dissertation Editor?

A dissertation is hard work. Members of the academic council may be picky and strict, so all the effort spent writing a dissertation may be wasted. It is not enough to conduct scientific research and experiments for a successful defense. The results need to be presented in the form of a logically complete, competent, and unique dissertation work that meets the required standards. General editing of the dissertation includes compliance with the scientific style of the text presented. It is also essential to follow the requirements of relevant regulations.

Sometimes, you have to ask a professional dissertation editor for help because a professional will be able to evaluate your work in a completely new light and point out weaknesses that you may have missed.

There are three main advantages associated with using our services:

  • Time-saving. Writing such a complex work takes a considerable amount of time. It takes even more time to get everything to the ideal level. Our service will take care of editing and allow you to do what is most important.
  • The avoidance of stress. When working on a single project for a very long time, it becomes complicated to concentrate. Very often, such complex tasks lead to stress. Leave the final stage of verification to our specialists.
  • The submitted file gets edited and verified by experienced specialists who provide quality content. We understand how dissertation editing is a complicated and time-consuming task and that it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to have things done. This is why we look for professionals with high-level academic experience so that they can review your work thoroughly and recommend points of improvement accordingly.

Who will be Responsible for Reviewing?

All of our editors are native English speakers and have expertise in varying academic fields. They are all highly qualified editors with no less than a Ph.D. or Master’s degree. This makes them understand all the nitty grittiest involved in writing, and hence can review your thesis thoroughly. Moreover, since all of them are native English speakers and have advanced academic knowledge, they consider all critical aspects of editing; grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, and more.


How quickly will my Document be Edited?

When you submit an application, you can select the desired deadlines for completing the work. We provide various delivery times to meet your order needs.

  • 24 hours
  • 72 hours
  • One week
  • Two weeks

Do I have the option to choose between American, British Canadian, and Australian English?

Yes, you do have the option to choose from your choice of English language. In fact, we prefer that you specify such details to us so that we edit accordingly. This ensures there is no communication gap, and everything is done as per your needs and requirements. However, if you would like to ask any questions, you can directly contact us to avoid any inconvenience afterward.


What Formatting Styles can you apply to my Document?

When placing an order, our system will ask you to choose specific style and format rules to use in the document or a standard format style (Harvard, Chicago, AMA, APA, MLA, etc.). You can also opt out of using a technique or a specific format.


How much do you Charge?

We calculate the order price depending on the number of words, order completion time, and other such criteria.


What Including to Proofreading & Editing

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  • Correct Grammar Check
  • Reliable Punctuation Check
  • Internal Consistency Check
  • Correct Spelling Check
  • Logical Structure Check
  • Suggest Alternative Words

Excellent Quality, Affordable, and Instant. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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